Rutter’s Enhances Data Security, Chooses PDI Cloud Hosting


Convenience store chain Rutter’s moves up to strengthen its data security measures by working with PDI for its hosting services.

The Pennsylvania-based chain is a longtime PDI user, with several solutions and services in place. With the addition of the data hosting service, the company is looking at a multi-petabyte private cloud, fully managed and monitored by PDI.


Through the hosting services, PDI claimed the C-store chain will reduce operating costs, and minimize their ERP capabilities. Since the pandemic, cyberattacks increased across the world, targeting retailers, banks, and other vulnerable businesses.

Rutter’s PDI Cloud Hosting

By heavily relying on data backups, disaster recovery, intrusion detection, and real-time monitoring of cloud, Rutter’s prevents the risks associated with data breaches. Sensitive information, like payment information of customers, are protected from hackers.


CEO Scott Hartman said the company is investing to secure its environment to maintain, scale, and make data storage sustainable.

“PDI provides a great solution that meets our technology, cost and expertise requirements, and allows our people to focus on other strategic initiatives that enable us to serve our customers better,” added Hartman.

Improve Data Reliability

PDI specializes in the digital transformation of enterprises, convenience retailers, and petroleum wholesalers. The company enables businesses to grow their revenue, unify their businesses, and create a value chain.

More than data backups, PDI provides a solution for the singe-tenant, dedicated cloud. They fully manage and monitor everything, helping companies focus more on other aspects of their business. By creating a data infrastructure tailored to Rutter’s needs, they can prevent potential risks.

Because Rutter’s is one of the biggest convenience chains in the United States, hackers are paying attention to the systems in place. In fact, CSP’s 2020 Top 202 C-store chains put Rutter’s on the 87th spot, out of 202 retailers.

“In recent years, the amount of data convenience stores contend with every day has increased exponentially, and that’s especially true for growing chains like ours,” said CEO Hartman.

What Rutter’s is looking for is a reliable system that could protect sensitive operational data. More than the company’s data, Rutter’s is also concerned about customers’ information that could be affected because of a breach.

PDI is a service provider that counts on ERP, logistics, and marketing cloud solutions to protect customers’ topline revenue, all the while ensuring exceptional customer service. The company has more than 1,500 customers in more than 200,000 locations worldwide.