Sales of DVD media and DVD recorders down again – but not that much

Sales of DVD recorders and DVD recordable media have slowed down for another year. According to a report released by the Santa Clara Consulting Group, the market of DVD recordable technology was valued at $2.6 billion while it was valued at $2.8 billion in 2012. In 2013 there were 95 million DVD recorders sold, a 6% decline compared to 2012.

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Although DVD recordable media is rapidly losing its popularity with 20% less discs sold in 2013, the Taiwanese and Japanese disc manufacturers still shipped 2.1 billion discs. Those discs were good for a revenue of $389 million in 2013. Of these discs, DVD-R is by far the most popular format with 73% of the sales. DVD+R discs account for 24% of the market, DVD-RW for 2%, DVD+RW for 1% and DVD-RAM less than 1%.

Hardware wise DVD writers generate most revenue with $2.1 billion in 2013, DVD video recorders which are 8x more expensive generated a revenue of $75 million.

The DVD recordable market is also impacted by the entertainment levies in many European countries. In countries where the levy is high, like in France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Spain and Hungary, the market is more rapidly declining than in countries with low levies like Germany, the UK, Luxembourg, Andorra, Slovakia, Monaco and San Marino.