Samsung Comes Out with AI-Powered Robovac

On the first day of CES 2021, tech giants like Samsung announced some of the latest products in the works. Samsung, in particular, unveiled that it has new artificial intelligence-powered robots, such as its vacuum powered by lidar.

Called the JetBot 90 AI+, this robotic vacuum cleaner boasts of smart capabilities. Apart from using sensors to navigate the length of the home or the floors of the home, it is also capable of emptying its own bin, states CNET.

In addition to this, the robovac can also scan rooms using its cameras. With this, it can make a map of sorts that allows it to create a more efficient way or method of cleaning. Gizmodo also states the JetBot 90 AI+ can distinguish between different types of dirt and messes and how each one can be approached.

Samsung AI-Powered Robovac
Image Source: Samsung

Because of this feature, although it will avoid messes such as spills and pet poop, it will alert homeowners of such messes and human intervention can take place.

Moreover, the JetBot 90 AI+ can be managed by users to avoid certain zones or areas in the home that it is not allowed to enter or clean. Gizmodo states this is possible via the SmartThings app.

The cameras placed within the smart vacuum can be used to communicate the events or incidents happening inside the home, provided owners are connected to the SmartThings mobile application.

While this can act as a security camera and pet monitor of sorts, Tech Crunch states it appears that the company seems avoidant from actually using the term during its participation during 2021’s CES.

According to Gizmodo, the capabilities of the said robot vacuum is made possible by leveraging the technologies of both Samsung and Intel. Through the collaborative efforts of these two companies, the robovac is able to leverage artificial intelligence, as well as lidar sensors and object recognition.

Apart from the robovac, Samsung has also announced a new robot called Bot Handy. While still in development, the butler robot is slated to be equipped with capabilities such as being able to pour and give users a drink, set the table, pick up laundry, load the dishwasher, and more.

Similar to the robovac, The Verge states the Samsung Bot Handy will also leverage artificial intelligence technologies together with the use of a camera to perform its designated duties.

For both of the AI-supported products, Samsung has yet to announce a price for these nor a release window.