“Samsung Galaxy S6 to have Microsoft apps pre-installed”

Samsung will reportedly pre-install Microsoft apps on the Samsung Galaxy S6, according to Sammobile. Apps like OneNote, OneDrive, Skype and Office Mobile will become part of a stripped down Android version on the new smartphone, according to the rumor site.

Samsung Galaxy S6

(render of possible Galaxy S6 design)

The Microsoft apps will likely be added to Samsung’s upcoming high-end smartphone because of a patent lawsuit between the two companies. Besides that, Microsoft is currently also making an effort to make its online services available on Android, partly because the Windows Phone marketshare hardly grows. Besides the installation of OneNote, OneDrive, Skype and Office Mobile on the S6, Samsung is according to earlier rumors also planning to leave out many of its own apps to offer a slimmed down Android version.

Sammobile also reports that Samsung’s TouchWiz interface on the Samsung Galaxy S6 will run much smoother than on the Galaxy Note 4 thanks to additional optimisations. The software will also get more changes, like additional theming options, the layout of icons in the app drawer is more flexible and several components have been redesigned.