Samsung Galaxy S9 users suffer from ‘Black Crush’, display doesn’t properly show dark shades

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone appears to have issues with the display again. Some users report that the AMOLED display of their Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ has issues with displaying shades of dark. Also the Samsung Galaxy 7 had screen issues, some users were the victim of a vertical pink line.

Samsung Galaxy S9 users suffer from 'Black Crush', display doesn't properly show dark shades

The issue with the Samsung Galaxy S9(+) has gotten the name “Black Crush”. Samsung watcher website Sammobile explains the issue as follows, “the problem refers to a phenomenon where the screen has issues displaying shades of dark accurately, resulting in a grainy or a pixelated picture with blocks of black.”

The “Black Crush” phenomenon isn’t exactly new, users of older Samsung Galaxy phones reported the same issue. The last couple of years Samsung had more issues with its flagship phones. The Galaxy Note 7 was in the news for a long time because of its exploding battery. And, as stated before, the Samsung Galaxy S7 had issues with a vertical pink line on the screen. Samsung fixed the exploding battery issue with a recall, the vertical pink line issue by repairing it under warranty, and hopefully the company will also come up with a decent solution for this “Black Crush” issue.

Not only Samsung has issues with its flagship models, also its main competitor Apple had its issues. Earlier this year, the Cupertino company was in the news because the screen of the most expensive consumer phone ever, the iPhone X, became unresponsive in cold weather, and the screen of the flagship phone sometimes displayed a vertical green line. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus suffered from overheating issues.

Because smartphones become increasingly more advanced, it’s not unlikely we will see more smartphone issues the coming years.