Samsung intros 800P LED digital photo frame

Samsung recently launched the SPF-800P digital picture frame, though the snazzy product comes with an unusually high $170 price tag.

The SPF-800P has an 8″ LED screen supporting 800 x 480 resolution, 2GB internal memory, and a microSD slot to support additional storage space.  Owners of the device will be able to connect to the picture frame from their computers via Bluetooth 2.0. The device also supports music or video playback, an interesting feature that many other digital photo frames don’t support.

Samsung will also offer a 10″ version of the SPF-800P.  Both products are available to consumers in Korea, but it’s unknown when, if ever, the products will launch in North America and across Europe.


First introduced a few years ago, consumers were first weary of paying upwards of $50+ for a photo frame, but they have progressed into popular products.  I’ve used several different digital photo frames — and you definitely get what you pay for — but I think spending almost $200 for one of these gizmos may be a bit extreme.

This particular Samsung model has a higher price tag mainly because of the 8-inch, 800 x 480 backlit LED screen, which Samsung hopes will be able to better display images compared to cheaper models.

Anyone looking for a simple digital photo frame to display pictures in the living room should be able to find a barebones model for around $50 that is simple, easy to use, and efficient.