Samsung investigates new 840 EVO SSDs performance issues

Samsung has announced it will investigate continuing complaints about performance issues of the 840 EVO SSDs. The manufacturer will release a new version of its SSD Magician software that should resolve the issues.myce-samsung-840-evo-speed-issue-2

The Korean electronics giant told TechReport to be aware of new complaints about performance degradation issues of its 840 EVO SSDs. “While we continue to look into the issue, Samsung will release an updated version of the Samsung SSD Magician software in March that will include a performance restoration tool”, Samsung promises.

TechReport reinvestigated the 250GB version of their 840 EVO  after user complained about bad read speeds. The affected drives appear to contain the EXT0CB6Q firmware which Samsung released in October last year together with “Performance Restoration v1.o” tool. That tool should have solve the issues which users complained about for months.

New tests of TechReport showed the drive indeed performed well below par in both benchmarks and real-world data transfers. After formatting the drive, the read speed was back to normal again. A second 840 EVO drive showed no degradation problems with existing content, but according to TechReport that’s could have a different cause, “NTFS compression was recently enabled for much of the drive’s contents, so I’m hesitant to draw any conclusions based on those results. Compressing the data should effectively refresh the contents of the NAND cells even if there’s no change in the stated age of the files.”