Samsung rolls out a trio of new 3D Blu-ray players

Posted 15 July 2010 02:00 CET by Randomus

Samsung has quietly added three new standalone 3D Blu-ray players that will join the single 3D offering available from the electronics company in a growing market.

The entry-level $229 BD-C5900 3D Blu-ray player is most comparable with the BD-C5500, and could compete with the price-effective $199 Sony BDP-S470 Blu-ray player.  The $279 BD-C6800 model is comparable to the Samsung BD-C6500 model, but lacks a porthole and has a lower price than the regular model.

Samsung’s higher-end 3D Blu-ray model is the BD-C7900 that includes two HDMI outputs and is comparable to the BD-C6900.

The South Korean company also is mass producing 3D high-definition TV models, and is still taking things step-by-step.  Samsung joins Sony, Panasonic, and a select group of manufacturers aiming to take control of the home 3D market.  Very few consumers have a 3D-ready TV, but the lowering price of 3D and an increase in content could help convince some to give it a try.

Consumers don’t mind wearing 3D glasses, but Samsung understands there is still an effort to develop glasses-free 3DTV sets.  Toshiba showed off a 21″ glasses-free 3DTV display last April, while other companies develop rival products.

Companies interested in launching 3D Blu-ray players need to be extremely careful with product pricing.  Manufacturers cannot charge too much of a premium over regular Blu-ray players, and need to realize Sony PlayStation 3 owners will receive a 3D update in two months, for free.

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