SanDisk Launches World’s First Fastest 1TB MicroSD

SanDisk has announced its successful launch of the 1TB Extreme microSD. Dubbed as the world’s first fastest 1TB microSD, the removable storage memory retails for $449.99 on the SanDisk website and store.

Mashable notes that SanDisk has announced its plan to launch with a huge capacity at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain. The initial target release by the company was April.

Currently, the memory cards are available for purchase in specific countries via Amazon, including Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. It is also available for purchase on B&H Photo. As of writing, The Verge reports that the product is currently unavailable for individuals living in the United States.

Aside from this offering, the company will also be selling a SanDisk Extreme memory card in a 512-gigabyte capacity, retailing for $199.99.


SanDisk Launches World’s First Fastest 1TB MicroSDSpeed and Capacity

The newly launched product by SanDisk guarantees users to 160 MB/s read speeds. Meanwhile, the write speeds for the Extreme microSD can reach up to 90 MB/s. According to Cinema 5D, these speeds are made possible with the technologies of Western Digital. The company also claims that its new offering can also transfer files up to twice the normal UHS-1 speed.

ZD Net notes that removable storage memory also has a 4K Ultra HD Feature and Full HD video recording and playback feature, thus meeting both the UHS Speed Class 3 and the UHS Video Speed Class 30 (V30) equipped for 4K UHD standards.

Other Features

According to ZD Net, the memory card will retain its waterproof, shockproof, temperature-proof and x-ray proof feature. Apart from these key highlights, the Extreme microSD is also capable of providing smartphones and devices with smooth and efficient access to small files through its A2 specification, notes Cinema 5D.

The A2 specification is responsible for allowing smartphones for launching and loading mobile phone applications, revealing that the performance of the memory card has a minimum random read of 4000IOPS and a minimum random write of 2000IOPS.

Competitors in the Field

While SanDisk admits that it is not the first company to launch the very first 1TB microSD on the market, Digital Trends reports that it is confident that it has successfully manufactured the fastest and most efficient UHS-1 microSD compared to others in the market.


In the past year, Micron releases its 1TB card while Lexar released a 1TB microSD as well.