Sangoma Provides Updates on Recent Ransomware Attack


Communications as a Service provider Sangoma Technologies provide new updates on its investigation following a ransomware attack on December 24, 2020.

While the company didn’t disclose what type of ransomware attack happened, it confirmed that hackers were able to access a significant amount of information from its servers. In addition, the threat actors have posted private and confidential data belonging to the company.


In its initial investigation, Sangoma noted that attackers copied, encrypted, and published the files containing financial information, private employee data, ordering history, and corporate development.

Sangoma Recent Ransomware Attack

The investigation is still ongoing but Sangoma noted that there’s no evidence showing that customer data information is compromised. No leads on any bank account or payment card data tampered with are reported as of the moment.


Meanwhile, Sangoma Technologies continues its operations despite the recent turn of events. As no company products and services are impacted by the cyberattack, the company decides not to interrupt any business operations.

However, Sangoma recommends all customers to change their passwords and continue to practice good security hygiene to prevent unauthorized access and phishing attempts. Following the attack, the company also take immediate action and hired third-party cybersecurity experts.

Sangoma also developed additional security measures to assist in detecting attempts of unauthorized access and other malicious activities. It has notified all employees, provided additional instructions to protect personal information from theft and misuse.

The company has alerted the authorities and law enforcement officials of the ransomware attack and put up a 24-month credit and dark web monitoring for employees, credit over the company’s expense.

For the past days, Sangoma also contacted directly specific customers who may be affected by the data breach.

“On behalf of the entire management team and board of Sangoma, I sincerely apologize to our customers, employees, partners, and all other stakeholders for the stress and inconvenience caused by this cyber attack,” said the President and CEO Bill Wignall.

Wignall added that the company will continue its normal operations in support of valued customers and to deliver growth to the shareholders. The company is working round the clock to prevent things from escalating further and to manage the attack.

Meanwhile, all customers can send in their questions and report problems at Following the attack, the company’s stock fell about 5.4 percent.

Sangoma offers a full-line of communications products, premise-based UC systems for carrier networks, and data communications applications.