Sanyo introduces Xacti GH4 low-cost 1080p HD camcorder

Sanyo announced a new high-definition camcorder aimed at consumers looking for an entry-level camcorder that is small, portable and includes easy controls.

The new camera is able to record video in MPEG-4 AVC/H/2.64 (1080p resolution), can capture 10-megapixel still pictures and sports a 2.7-inch LCD, mini-HDMI port, and 5x optical zoom. The camera measures 1.5×4.3×2.2-inches and weighs 5.9 ounces when it has a battery and memory card onboard.

Sanyo introduces Xacti GH4 low-cost 1080p HD camcorder

Sanyo also includes new picture and video sharing software that makes it easier to share stored media on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. These new features are appealing to younger generations that are connected to social media networks through PCs, smartphones, and in the living room.

The camera has a simple, easy-to-use design at an appealing price point, but CrunchGear and other blogs have already started to criticize the camera. For a $200 HD camcorder, I don’t honestly expect the latest and greatest technology to be included — and no one should expect the features to be similar to $500+ camcorders.

Sanyo plans to release the Xacti GH4 later this month for $199.99.

The Japanese electronics company continues to try and cater to the portable HD camcorder market — a smaller niche that still offers benefits to market leaders. The Xacti GH4 is another step to show consumers that there is still high possibilities for HD camcorders — but many smartphones and digital cameras, which are smaller and more portable, also include video recording features.

I think Sanyo and other companies can still cater to consumers, but don’t expect these products to fly off the shelves this holiday season. I think the $200 price point is extremely fair, especially since it should be able to take high-megapixel, decent pictures, but still don’t know how high demand will be for it.

There is a bigger push by Panasonic and other companies introducing 3D camcorders, so Sanyo may have to make adjustments in future camcorder marketing strategies and products.