Saudi Arabia Inks Artificial Intelligence Deals

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently signed several agreements regarding artificial intelligence during the Global AI Summit, said Power Technology. This initiative resulted in the establishment of the Kingdom’s National Strategy for Data and Artificial Intelligence (NSDAI).

The agreements were created between the KSA and international technology companies. The goal of these deals is to improve artificial intelligence in the nation, including the creation of the NSDAI to facilitate the advancement of artificial intelligence.

The agreements aim to use “AI for the good of humanity,” according to a report by Forbes. It also aims to approach the technology with trust, ethics, and fairness.

Saudi Arabia Artificial Intelligence Deals

The agreements were facilitated by the National Center for Artificial Intelligence (NCAI). One of the deals is with Chinese company Huawei to create a “strategic cooperation” for the KSA’s National AI Capability Development Program.

The memorandum of agreement (MoU) states that Huawei will help the NCAI to develop skills in the nation by training engineers and students. It will also address AI capabilities related to the Arabic language.

Both parties will work to create an AI Capability Platform that will help create local technology solutions.

In line with the goal of creating talents in the nation, the NCAI and Huawei will also explore the idea of a National AI Talent, which cultivates and brings new candidates on board. Participants will be mostly Saudi university students, researchers, and developers.

Aside from the aforementioned parties, the Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) also co-signed an agreement that focuses on the creation of a multi-stakeholder initiative.

This will involve various organizations across the globe, which will share their knowledge to speed up the development of new related tech.

With the help of the ITU, an agency of the United Nations, the SDAIA seeks to fulfill UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This involves the creation of various initiatives such as the “AI Readiness Landscape Framework.”

The SDAIA will also be working with Chinese company Alibaba Cloud through an MoU signed by the two parties. They will work together to create various artificial intelligence and digital-based solutions in various fields such as mobility, urban planning, safety, education and more.

Through the Alibaba Cloud platform, the KSA will be deploying smart city service management and solutions throughout Saudi Arabian cities.

Ultimately, the goal of this series of agreements signed by the kingdom is to position the country as an international center for data and artificial intelligence.