Seagate announces 2.5″ Video HDDs – reliable and quiet

Harddisk manufacturers seem to try to find new markets. WD has released HDDs specially designed for Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and now Seagate has announced HDDs that are designed specifically for DVRs, set-top boxes and surveillance video storage. The 2.5″ HDDs are, according to Seagate, extremely reliable and are capable of near silent operation. And if that’s not enough, Seagate adds that the drives are able to operate 24/7 even at extended temperatures.

Seagate announces 2.5" Video HDDs - reliable and quiet

Unfortunately the company has not disclosed any technical details, but they claim that new disks are able to stream up to 12 streams of simultaneous HD content . To store the content the disks are available at capacities of up to 500 GB. More information can be found in the press-release that tries to impress with statements from the company that the 2.5″  drives save 53% in packaging material and 30% in overall freight compared to 3.5″ models, duh! But these disks might be good for your HTPC…