Seagate launches 500GB mobile GoFlex Satellite Wi-Fi HDD

Tablets and mobile phones are quickly becoming primary computing platforms for a growing segment of consumers, but the one thing that the devices lack is internal storage space. Flash drives and cloud storage also have their limitations, so Seagate is attempting to fill the void with their new GoFlex Satellite Wi-Fi storage drive.

The GoFlex Satellite is a pocket-sized, rechargeable battery powered, 500GB external hard drive that mobile device users can easily carry around to save and access larger files. Geared toward tablet and mobile phone users who own large media libraries they’d like to access while on-the-go, the GoFlex Satellite has the ability to stream media to three separate devices simultaneously via an 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection with a range of around 30 feet.

Seagate launches 500GB mobile GoFlex Satellite Wi-Fi HDD

The user can load their library onto the Satellite HDD from a Mac or Windows PC via USB 3.0, FireWire, or eSATA connections, and then install an app on their mobile device to easily stream the media. The sync feature keeps the mobile drive up-to-date with changes to the Mac or PC files.

Both a wall charger and a car charger are included to keep the GoFlex Satellite powered up. Seagate’s specifications state that the drive’s rechargeable lithium-polymer battery lasts up to 5 hours of continuous streaming and 25 hours of standby time in “normal usage conditions and configurations.” While it won’t last as long as an iPad on a single charge, that’s still enough for a long car ride or a mid-length flight.

The main problem I can see with the GoFlex Satellite is that it won’t have the durability that many travelers have been spoiled with by flash and SSD storage. It is a mechanical HDD with platters and moving parts, so just tossing it loosely in a travel bag probably isn’t such a good idea. It does come with a 3 year warranty though.

The GoFlex Satellite 500GB mobile wireless HDD will begin shipping in July, but is available now for preorder directly from Seagate for $199.99. iPad, iPhone, and Android devices are all to have Wi-Fi connectivity apps available by that time.