Seagate plans to invest more in SSDs than any other company

Seagate announced today that it will increase its efforts to become a major player in the SSD market. Seagate’s Rocky Pimentel, executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer stated this.  In a conference call with investors to discuss the fiscal 4th quarter of 2013 he said: ““I think based on the activities that […] we have done over the past year were still very interested in making strategic investments in SSD and PCI Express category products.”


He went on to say, “Organically, we have been utilizing our Samsung partnership as well as our internal development efforts. Right now, based on our forecast as we would exit this year, our organic efforts in SSD would be greater than any of those companies that were recently acquired by in the open marketplace. So, I think we feel pretty positive about the evolution of our SSD initiatives”.

Previous company executives of the hard disk manufacturer called SSDs not a priority only 2 years ago. Now it seems that the company now changed its mind. The company announced a couple of client and server SSDs this year and based on the comments of Mr. Pimentel, it’s expected that more drives and more technology will come from the storage giant.

Right now Seagate is qualifying its new SSDs with original equipment manufacturers and plans to start to report detailed data about its sales in the coming quarters.

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