Security company claims it can hack fully patched iOS and Android phones from 500 meters

Posted 25 June 2018 23:54 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Security company WiSpear claims it is able to hack fully patched Apple iOS and Google Android smartphone from up to 500 meters. The company from Cyprus claims it’s specialized in “long range Wi-Fi surveillance” and has developed its own special surveillance truck called SpearHead 360.

The SpearHead 360 Mission Vehnicle has four different methods to force a phone to connect to WiSpear’s Wi-Fi interceptors, which accommodates a man-in-the-middle attack. WiSpear also claims it has four different kinds of malware for several operating systems, including iOS and Android. The malware comes from different sources and according to WiSpear founder Tal Dilian the company also has access to several zero-day leaks in Android and iOS.

Wireless attacks have been successful over a distance of up to 1 kilometer, but WiSpear customers shouldn’t expect more than 500 meters in a real-world scenario, according to Dilian in an interview with Forbes. The Wi-Fi exploits of the company exploit unknown vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi protocol. The company claims it has developed its own Wi-Fi sensor but doesn’t provide any further information on their technology.

WiSpear demonstrated its SpearHead 360 truck this month at the ISS World and Eurosatory conferences. The trucks should sell between $3-5 million and WiSpear expects to sell 2 to 4 of them the coming months to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

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