Sharder to Increase Data Storage for Blockchain App

In preparation for the new blockchain application, the data storage company Sharder increases its data storage space by 64 terabytes.

Targeting the storage hub for island blockchain app Boxes, the company promises to deliver safe and secured data storage. The app enjoys a massive 96 terabytes storage to fill up data, files, media, and other applications.

Boxes will reportedly act as a storage hub that will come out this third quarter. “Boxes will interact with other blockchain applications where we can give more security and storage space,” said marketing officer Paul Rogash.

Sharder Increase Data Storage Blockchain App

According to Rogash, the app is on the final stage of development, nearing its release this October. Since February, the company has been collaborating with Island to develop this storage hub for improved storage capabilities.

Files from multiple blockchains can be stored in this hub, including the sensitive data. What makes the hub unique is, data is encrypted and split into fragments before distributed to nodes. This model ensures that data is protected from hackers and breaches.

More than secured storage, Boxes features easy authentication and data validation. Sharder is making data consistently called up, which means data such as medical files and police reports are labeled sensitive, sorting in different storage.

Decentralize Storage

The shift to cloud storage is rapid, and a lot of companies need to keep and retain data for future use. In this sense, the decentralized storage makes sense as it features data retention on a computer and other electronic systems.

Sharder partners with not only Island but also SignEase and Filecoin to ease the storage requirements, while working on a decentralized storage mainnet for blockchain. With this kind of system, companies can have control over data, and not the other way around.

Third-party cloud storage providers simply back up the data in real-time, and clients gain control over what data is shared, used, and protected. Mismanagement is avoided, and data is improved altogether.

Filecoin is a known provider for decentralized storage networks, turning cloud storage into an algorithmic market. It collects, stores, and distributes data in mine blocks that are protected from threats.

From the replication parameters to the decryption keys, Filecoin ensures there’s another layer of security in the storage infrastructure. It’s more useful for building and running distributed applications and implementing smart contracts.

Sharder is already in talks with other companies to offer Boxes as a secure data storage solution.