Sharp lays out 3DTV plans

Sharp plans to join the 3D party in the United States when it releases a new 3D LCD television that supports four-primary-colors, offering a brighter viewing screen than competing TVs currently offered by rivals.

The new screens will draw attention to themselves when consumers walk into a store and see the 3DTV displays, Sharp officials said during a press conference. The Sharp TVs will also be able to flash images across the screen faster than current 3DTVs.

The company said the Japanese market will receive its 3DTVs sometime this summer, while the U.S., China and European markets will have Sharp 3D TVs before March 31st of next year.

Sharp lays out 3DTV plans
Image: Bloomberg

Sharp announced earlier that it is also developing a new 3D touchscreen LCD able to show 3D content without the need of custom glasses.

The Japanese electronics giant sounded a tad bit skeptical of 3D technology last year, but is now pulling out all the stops on 3D product development.

Sharp is a bit behind in the 3D consumer electronics race, with Best Buy already showing off Panasonic and Sony 3DTV displays in retail stores.

Manufacturers are still unsure how interested home consumers will be when it comes to viewing 3D content at home, but it’s a risk they’re willing to take.  ESPN, DirecTV, and other broadcasters are expected to begin showing 3D content later this summer. Even if 3D TV show ratings are excellent, it will take some time before it develops into a large market.

The TV market in North America is well-established, so companies promoting 3DTVs are looking to generate new interest in mature high-value markets, hoping that people will replace their current TVs with new 3D enabled sets.