Sharp’s new Blu-ray players decrease video load time with 50%

Sharp announced new AQUOS Blu-ray players with “speed BD”, a technology that should reduce load times of Blu-ray discs. The company claims that starting a Blu-ray video using their “speed BD “technology  takes 10 seconds before the video starts to play compared to 20 second for conventional Blu-ray players. That means Blu-ray videos startup 50% faster, however Sharp notes that actual speed increases differ per disc.


The technology has been jointly developed by the Japanese technology giants Sharp and Pioneer and is based on accelerating the rotational speed of the disc and optimizing the firmware. The technology is included in five new Sharp AQUOS Blu-ray disc recorders which also contain hard disk drives for recording. The models have HDDs ranging from 500 GB to 2 TB and one to three tuners. The devices are also able to stream content over DLNA / Wifi to e.g. mobile phones, tablets or other displays and can also be controlled using an app.

The Blu-ray recorders have all the obvious outputs such as HDMI,  USB and optical and composite. The latter is an analog output and will therefore be forbidden for any Blu-ray player and recorder manufactured after January 2014. Sharp has included the output to serve customers that have a TV without e.g HDMI.

The cheapest Sharp AQUOS Blu-ray recorder with 500 GB HDD and one tuner (BD-S550) will cost about $600 , the most expensive recorder (BD-T2500) with three tuners and 2 TB HDD capacity costs about $1200.