Skype can now also send and receive SMS messages from the phone on the desktop

Posted 12 September 2018 18:32 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Microsoft is bringing back a feature of Skype which was previously available on Windows 10 Mobile. The feature is called SMS Connect and makes it possible to read and answer SMS text messages from the smartphone on a PC. Currently it only works with the Skype Android app.

Microsoft has added the feature to the preview version of Skype 8.30 which can now be downloaded by users who are in the Skype Insider Program. Not all Skype Insiders will be able to use the feature right away, Microsoft is gradually rolling it out.

With the feature, users can change the SMS settings in their profile and activate SMS Connect on their Android smartphone through: Messaging > SMS > Enable SMS Connect. The app connects to the device’s SMS inbox and connects to a Skype client on a Windows or Mac computer. Once connected, users will be informed on their computer when their smartphone receives an SMS message. From the computer they can reply, and compose new messages. The feature also works with MMS messages.

For the feature to work, the latest Insider of Skype has to be downloaded and the Android app has to be installed.

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