Skype tests new desktop app on Windows and Mac

Skype has started testing a new design of its PC app. A beta version is available for Mac and all Windows computers, except for Windows 10. The design of the new PC version of Skype is similar to that of the revamped mobile version that was introduced in June. It focuses on sharing media and responding to messages with e.g. emoji.

Skype tests new desktop app on Windows and Mac

The company announced the changes on its blog.

In the new design there is the possibility to give different colors to each person in a group chat. Also read indicators use different kind of colors. On the right of a group chat there is now a gallery with shared content such as shared links, documents or images.

Also functionality that allows users to address each other with the @ sign in front of the user’s name has been added. These kind of @mentions is also implemented in competing apps from WhatsApp and Slack.

Just like in the mobile app, also the desktop version features chatbots. Users can, amongst others, ask questions to Microsoft’s assistant Cortana. It’s possible to start a conversion with a chatbot by clicking a ‘plus button’ on the top left. With the same button it’s also possible to start conversations with other users and start video calls.

The beta version is currently only available for Mac OS and Windows computers with a Windows version below Windows 10. On Windows 10 some of the new features are already available.