Slysoft is prepared for legal action with Antiguan domain

Since the domain of DVDFab was seized by the AACS LA, companies are finding ways to avoid disappearing from the internet. Besides ceasing development or sales of Blu-ray ripping products, also usage of a non United States influenced domains is an option. DVDFab now uses a Chinese domain and Slysoft has a backup domain from Antigua.


The Antiguan domain is obvious, Slysoft operates from Caribbean island Antigua. The domain points to their website and can be used in case any US court order their .com domain to be closed. The .ag domain isn’t exactly new. Its domain records show it was registered in January 2004, slightly after the domain was registered. The .com domain was registered a couple of months before, in May 2003.

The reason .com domains are most vulnerable is because they are  under ultimate jurisdiction of US law. Since the movie and music industry in the US are the most active in chasing alleged copyright infringers, .com domains are most at risk to be closed . The US plaintiffs can get an injunction from an US court to order registrars to make .com domains inaccessible.

Antigua is relative easy on piracy, the country once had the idea to open a website with US copyrighted media downloads without compensation to the rights holders. While it often told the US it would do it, so far the country has refrained from doing so.

Other companies selling DVD and Blu-ray ripping software are mainly based in China. A country which  doesn’t give much priority to closedown companies ordered by US courts for piracy.