Slysoft now also fixes Cinavia on Cyberlink PowerDVD 14

Slysoft today released version of AnyDVD HD that disables detection of the Cinavia copy protection on PowerDVD 14. Previously also detection of Cinavia on other Blu-ray players like Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre, WinDVD and Nero Blu-ray players was disabled.


 The Cinavia Blu-ray copy protection has become mandatory on Blu-ray players since 2012 and prevents playback of taped and copied movies by embedding an audio watermark in the audio track of movies.

A Cinavia detector in both Blu-ray hardware and software players detects whether the movie you’re playing back is legitimate. If not, the audio will usually mute after 20 minutes and the players will show a Cinavia message prompting you to purchase a legitimate copy.

Currently only DVD-Ranger with CinEx HD has been able to actually remove the audio watermark from the movie soundtrack. The benefit is that a backup works on all players and devices. But to achieve this, DVD-Ranger modifies the audio signal.

Slysoft AnyDVD HD has a different approach and hides the Cinavia signal from the detector. The benefit is that you’ll get the original audio. The disadvantage is that it currently only works on supported Blu-ray playback software.

More information and downloads here.