Slysoft now called RedFox, moves to Belize

RedFox, the new name of a new entity existing out of former Slysoft employees, is now available on  The .bz domain extension is from Belize, a country considered to be both Caribbean and Central American. For now only the forums are available on the new URL.


The new domain is protected by the service which means it’s impossible to find out who registered the domain. This is different from the old Slysoft domain which was registered on the name of the company’s CEO.

It’s unclear why RedFox is based on Belize, according to the Wikipedia page of the country, its laws are modelled on the common law of England. The country’s copyright law can be found here.

It’s however not the first time a company that sells software to circumvent copy protections is located in Belize. Also the resurrection of DVD X Copy developer 321 Studios was in Belize were it continued as DVD X Copy International.