Snapchat New Video Ad Format Launches in the Middle East

Popular social media platform Snapchat unveiled its newest video advertisement format last Wednesday, December 11, 2019. The video advertisement format highlights offerings that are geared towards users in the Middle East.

Called Swipe Up to Call, the new video ad format allows users of the social media platform to immediately call the advertiser they see on screen. Based on its press release, the advertisements shown on Snapchat are reportedly in line with the interests and personality of the user.

According to Telecompaper, the latest video ad format was released by the platform in part due to the culture observed in the region. Telecompaper reveals that individuals in the Middle East prefer to conduct transactions via call as opposed to visiting a website or answering an online form.

In a statement, Snapchat says that “this approach helps us deliver great experiences for Snapchatters, which translates to healthy ad product performance for advertisers.”

Located under Ads Manager, the Swipe Up to Call feature allows seamless integration within the Snapchat system.


Snapchat New Video Ad Format

The newest video ad setup is launching not just to Snapchatters in the regions, but also to advertisers from the Middle East. In discussing the reason why developers of the app and the ad chose the Middle East, Social Media Today said that the app is largely popular among individuals living in the area.

Creators say that “This new ad product is built on the insight that consumers in the Middle East still enjoy phoning their friends and family, and similarly, they also like calling small, medium, and large businesses to learn more about their products and services, and make purchases.”

Despite the launch of this feature in the region, Social Media Today reveals that the social media giant has not yet expressed interest in releasing the format to other countries or cities.


The advertisement format highlights the ability to forge connections with users. Here, Snapchat says individuals can speak directly with the sales associates from the branded ads they see on screen. Per its press release, Snapchat views the feature as a driving force behind the purchasing capability of the user.

Numerous businesses are slated to capitalize on this video ad setup. From automotive industries, real estate companies, restaurants, banks, and many more, the social media platform anticipates reaching both a number of users and advertisers.

Individuals living in the area may see this ad format in Ads Manager. This is located in the Calls and Text option found under Advertising Goals. The feature may be used for $20 per day, notes Trade Arabia.