Snowflake and Fedresults to Work on Cloud Solutions for Govt

Data warehouse provider Snowflake and government-focused IT company Fedresults recently announced its partnership that seeks to provide cloud-based storage solutions to the United States government. In a press release published in Bloomberg, the two companies said that the collaboration will offer an efficient data warehouse and analytics services to government agencies.

According to Bloomberg, the federal government will be allotting over $93 billion in IT solutions in 2020. This is in light of the 2019 Federal Cloud Computing Strategy called Cloud Smart.

Snowflake and Fedresults to Work on Cloud Solutions for Govt

Cloud Smart urges government bodies to migrate their data from “antiquated and expensive legacy storage systems” to more advanced storage solutions related to cloud technology. This also aims to make analysis much more powerful and efficient.

Agencies have also shown a strong interest and need for innovations when it comes to data processing. This comes after the US Department of Defense intensified its incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in its strategies.

According to Snowflake Team Manager at Fedresults Amanda Granlund, the government-focused company is glad to welcome Snowflake into their list of partners. Granlund added that the cloud tech firm will aid Fedresults in “[meeting] the increasing demands of secure data storage, agility, and analytics.”

Granlund also mentioned that the collaboration will aid in satisfying the provisions of the President’s Management Agenda, the Modernizing Government Technology Act, and the Federal Data Strategy.

Tableau, another Snowflake partner also mentioned that it will work “under the Fedresults umbrella” to “bring a powerful joint solution to agencies.” Ultimately, the collaboration will improve the lives of Americans. It also seeks to “help advance the outcomes of government programs.”

Snowflake Regional Vice President for Federal Ro Dhanda is optimistic that the partnership will “[enable] a faster pace of innovation and improved citizen service.”