Snowflake and Saturn Cloud Pioneer High-Speed Storage and Data Science

Two prominent names in the data science and data warehousing business have joined forces to enhance Python and Apache Spark use up to 100x faster.

Snowflake and Saturn Cloud announced on Thursday, Jan. 14, a plan to integrate their services to combine the highest-speed data science and machine learning in one platform. Saturn Cloud’s ambition to run 100x faster runtime on tooling set the benchmark for modern data science.

Meanwhile, Snowflake has been achieving its set of goals to house millions and billions of data into its warehouses. In fact, last year, it made a historic IPO for becoming the ‘largest software IPO of all time.’

High-Speed Storage and Data Science

Now, with the strategic alliance, two powerhouses can offer services in one place. This means customers on both ends can access the line of services the other partner is offering. The python drivers and connector python can easily connect applications to the Snowflake data warehouse.

In the case of Saturn Cloud, their technology can easily accelerate the python applications using the RAPIDS and Dask for multi-GPU computing. Given the strengths of both companies, they can scale up workloads and enhance the SQL operations in a single place.

Loading the data into the Dask is made easy as Snowflake’s technology can assist Saturn Cloud. According to experts, it will only take a few lines of code to integrate Saturn Cloud’s UI into the JupyterLab and Dask cluster.

Saturn Cloud is positive about their partnership with Snowflake saying working closely will commercialize their joint offering.

“Data science is one of the fastest-growing multi-billion markets in the world, with businesses increasingly relying on data to make strategic decisions,” said Saturn Cloud founder M. Sebastian Metti.

Meanwhile, for Snowflake, the alliance presents an opportunity for the business to extend to data science capabilities. With the help of Saturn Cloud’s technology, the data warehouse company can tap data scientists to try and use python for the entire machine learning processes.

This technology ultimately reduces the complexity involved in scaling the python and speeding up the GPUs.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our customers Dask as a compelling alternative to Spark for Machine Learning,” said Snowflake director of technology alliances Tarik Dwiek.

Since the news of the partnership went out, Snowflake’s shares climbed five percent. This brought good news to python users who will benefit from Saturn Cloud’s 100x faster data science offers.