Snowflake Unveils Cloud Expansion Tools

Cloud vendor Snowflake is intensifying its goal to bring data cloud to reality by introducing new governance technology in support of the unstructured data.

The company unveiled a few enhancements on the cloud data platform, adding an engineering tool called Snowpark. This is an expansion of the Snowflake Data Marketplace, allowing customers to share data through the platform while ensuring maximum security.

Snowflake first introduced the concept of Data Cloud in summer, emphasizing the ability of partners, customers, data providers, and data service providers to connect to an ecosystem of data. This technology will create a central location where sets of information are analyzed using business intelligence tools.

Snowflake Cloud Expansion Tools

Additionally, this tool is equipped with analytics applications to speed up data processing within the cloud. The vendor provides the warehouse services using a cloud-based architecture, offered in an as-a-service model.

“The whole concept of the Data Cloud is to allow data not to be siloed, not to be bunkered, so that data can be effortlessly combined and joined, and we can drive far greater and far faster insights [from the] data and then act on it,” said Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman.

While Snowflake supports other public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, it also competes alongside these enterprises. It’s also building a first startup challenge, building applications, and digital products.

The namesake Data Cloud is a global project that picks the greatest digital innovations from a pool of talented teams across the world. Three finalists are to present innovations to a live audience, personal or virtually, and at the Snowflake Summit in 2021.

Winners of the project will receive a $250,000 investment from the cloud vendor to carry out the technology.

Mobilize Data

With the rise of digital services left and right, enterprises need reliable cloud storage with robust analytics tools. Snowflake’s role in the cloud industry is to bring out the near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and streamline performance.

Part of the innovation is to execute a diverse analytic workload, discover easier ways to unite siloed data. Companies can also securely share governed data with other collaborators, like suppliers, internal teams, and selected partners.

“The new features announced today are another example of Snowflake’s commitment to delivering the technology customers need to fully mobilize their data and achieve meaningful business value,” said VP of Product Christian Kleinerman.

The company will feature a private preview of the Data Cloud event later this year.