Some users complain their expensive iPad Pro is slightly bent, Apple doesn’t consider it an issue

Some, of the up to $1899 costing, 2018 iPad Pro’s come with a slightly bent aluminum chassis, even when they come straight out of their packaging. The culprit appears to be an issue with the production of the tablets. Apple doesn’t consider it a defect, as the device continues to function as intended.

Some users complain their expensive iPad Pro is slightly bent, Apple doesn't consider it an issue

Users started to complain about the issue on MacRumors. The website The Verge, asked Apple for an explanation after which the tech giant issued  a statement saying that during the production of the iPad Pro, the metal and plastic of the tablet are cooled with a special process and that due to this special cooling technique, some tablets come bent out of the production process.

According to Apple, the iPad Pro will not further bend when longer in use. Because the iPad Pro continues to function properly, Apple doesn’t consider it an issue and therefore it’s unclear whether any bend iPad Pro can be returned for a flat model. It’s unknown how many iPad Pro owners are affected by the issue. According to Apple, there are no above average return rates for the device.

It’s not the first time Apple has issues with bending devices, in 2014 the iPhone 6 Plus started to bent in pockets of some users. After the model, Apple start to use a more rigid material to prevent further bend issues.