‘Sonos users only get new features if they agree on new privacy terms’

Posted 22 August 2017 23:01 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Users who don’t agree on the new privacy terms of Sonos, risk the possibility that their speakers might eventually no longer work, according to an American spokesman of the company to ZDNet. A Dutch spokesperson of the company denies the news, according to Dutch website Nu.nl

“The customer can choose to acknowledge the policy, or can accept that over time their product may cease to function,” the American spokesperson said against ZDNet.

The Dutch spokesperson contradicts this and told website Nu.nl, “users will only be unable to use new features if they don’t agree to the terms”. The spokesperson also stresses that existing functionality will continue to work.

Earlier this week, Sonos introduced new privacy terms in which the company write it will collect data from its users and share it with partners. Users can opt out of submitting certain types of personal information, but according to Sonos it always collects data that is needed for each devices to perform its basic services.

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