Sony 320GB standalone PS3 slated for release Nov. 9

Sony is now accepting pre-orders for the 320GB PlayStation 3 standalone game console that will publicly launch on Tuesday, Nov. 9. The new 320GB model will be available for $349.99 and gives gamers a higher storage option over the current 160GB model.

The Japanese electronics company originally had the 320GB PS3 available in the PlayStation Move console bundle for $399. The bundle includes Sony’s Move Starter Bundle includes the Move controller, PlayStation Eye, and a copy of Sports Champions for $99.99 alone.

Sony 320GB standalone PS3 slated for release Nov. 9

Sony previously had 120GB and 250GB versions of the PS3 available — but the lowered cost of drive space and increased consumer downloads has given Sony the opportunity to offer higher-capacity PS3 units.

If you’re not storing large amounts of music, video and other information on the drive, the 160GB model will likely be enough for you.

I still think the $350 price tag for the standalone console is too much, and this could be Sony’s clever effort to get gamers to fork over the extra $50 for the bundle. Sony hopes to mimic Nintendo’s early efforts with the Wii-motes and add-on features that followed.

This Christmas will prove to be very interesting for electronics makers, as the down economy continues to limit consumer spending. It’s equally perplexing Sony didn’t take this into consideration, because it would have made more sense to keep current models and lower prices to help spur further adoption.

Now is the time for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to announce and prepare to launch custom game bundles, consoles, and accessories to gamers. All three game consoles saw price cuts in 2010, and the console market is extremely competitive this year.