Sony aims to rival Apple with new products

Sony hopes to better compete with Apple later this year by releasing a new smartphone able to play PlayStation games along with a new multifunction tablet that will compete with the iPad.

“That’s the vision, but it’s still not quite clear what specific steps Sony will take to achieve that, especially when iPad and other highly capable mobile devices are crowding the market,” said Nobuo Kurahashi, research analyst at Mizuho Investors Securities, told the Wall Street Journal.

Sony has struggled to regain structure in its mobile phone business, as Sony Ericsson continues to search for methods to attract more consumers.

The popular PlayStation Network will soon be supported by select Sony Ericsson smartphones, with Sony still looking how to generate revenue throughout multiple businesses.  The idea of mobile gaming on a Sony – or Sony Ericsson – device makes sense, especially considering how many people own the PS3.

Sony aims to rival Apple with new products

As I noted in a previous article, I don’t know if PS3 owners will want to purchase a Sony Ericsson just for PSN support.  If Sony is able to develop a remotely robust smartphone that includes mobile PlayStation Network gaming, it should definitely help their sales.

The company has to find a way to combat Apple, which continues to invade the Japanese company’s turf with its iPod Touch and iPhones devices.  Both of these Apple products allow owners to watch movies and play video games, which has increased the pressure on the PSP – which is still lagging behind the Nintendo DS handheld game console in popularity.

Microsoft has also had its fair share of trouble with Apple, and hopes to combat the Cupertino company in the mobile phone market with its new Windows Phone Series 7 line.  With so much activity in a growing market, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft and Sony are willing to create an unofficial cease-fire while they get adjusted.