Sony announces 128GB BD-R XL discs for consumers

Posted 23 October 2018 23:51 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Sony has announced a 128GB BD-R XL disc for consumers that will become available in November this year. The Japanese company boasts that it’s world’s largest recordable Blu-ray disc. To enable the large capacity, the disc has four layers.

On November the 10th of this year, the discs should become available in Japan. The discs are available in either a 1, 3 or 5 pack. Sony Japan already lists the discs on its website where they are also available for pre-order. A single disc costs 1480 yen ($13), a 3-disc pack costs 3880 yen ($35) and the 5-pack costs 5980 yen ($53).

To achieve the high capacity, Sony had to develop a combination of unique materials to add a fourth layer to Blu-ray recordable discs. Previously the company sold recordable Blu-ray discs with capacities of 25GB, 50GB and 100GB with respectively 1, 2 and 3 layers. The 128 GB disc stores 32GB per layer and can record at 4x.

Sony claims that the combination of newly developed materials makes the discs suitable for long-term storage.

It’s unknown when, or if, the 128 BD-R XL discs will become available outside Japan.

It took Sony almost 9 years to develop the 128GB discs. In April 2010 the 128GB BD-R XL specification was announced (PDF), together with the 100GB BD-R XL specs.

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