Sony backs 3D to boost television sales

Within three years, more than a third of all Sony televisions sold will include 3D features.


The comment by Sony Executive Deputy President, Hiroshi Yoshioka, comes as Sony aims for more than one trillion yen (US$11.4 billion) in revenue from 3-D related products in 2013 – products such as televisions, disc players and game consoles.

Yoshioka said he sees strong potential in video games, a week after Sony flagged 3D gaming as one of the five keys to the future of the PlayStation 3 in a presentation to investors and shareholders – noting that all “PS3 units will be firmware upgradeable to 3D”.

Sony is set to release its first 3D-capable television in 2010, letting viewers choose to watch in 2D mode or 3D mode while wearing special glasses.