Sony considers discontinuing the PSP Go

It’s possible Sony will pull the plug on its struggling PSP Go mobile gaming unit, as it has become obvious the company dropped the ball in the mobile gaming business.

Company officials admitted that the PSP Go has endured poor sales and that they may have inadvertently made the device too confusing for consumers.  Many PSP Go owners didn’t know what to do with their games as the device doesn’t include a UMD drive. Fans of UMD may have also steered clear of purchasing a PSP Go.

The PSP Go has been unable to keep pace with the Nintendo DS and DSi, and even has had problems dealing with the Apple iPod Touch.

Sony considers discontinuing the PSP Go

Research firm Media Create indicates the PSP sold 64,808 units in Japan this week, while the PSP Go sold just 1,275 units in the same period.  The analyst group also reported that the PSP Go sold a mere 23,455 units in Japan this year, while the PSP racks up an average of 70,342 units per week.

The company admitted in February that the PSP and PSP Go have struggled, and Sony now plans on shipping only 10 million units — down from 15 million as previously predicted — in the 2010 fiscal year.

Despite struggling sales, Sony is expected to continue promoting the UMD format, saying it is “alive and well.”  I don’t believe UMD is a long-term solution for Sony, and it seems the company just wants to try and get as much as it can from the format.

The Japanese electronics company will now focus on bringing PlayStation Network to Sony Ericsson phones, and switching gears in an effort to compete with Apple. Sony will also attempt to boost sales in June with the release of a special PSP bundle.

Do you think Sony should ditch the PSP Go?