Sony Ericsson phones to support PlayStation Network

Posted 19 February 2010 00:00 CEST by Randomus

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, Sony said it will integrate its PlayStation Network service into select Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

The decision isn’t too surprising, as Sony looks to expand the PSN services and offerings.

“Leveraging PSN, we are building a new network service that will connect many more network-enabled products, including Sony Bravias, Vaios, and Blu-ray players,” said Howard Stringer, Sony CEO, during the Mobile World Congress event.  “To satisfy the demand for more open systems, and to broaden the array of networked devices connected to our network services, we are committed to extending that service to Sony Ericsson mobile phones.”

Sony still hasn’t announced specifics on the PSN-Sony Ericsson connection, but video and content distribution are expected to be major features.  Sony Ericsson owners should also be able to communicate with people on their PSN friends list using their mobile phone.

Additional details are still unavailable, but Stringer noted PSN isn’t a secret weapon any more, as it now has more than 40 million global users.

Sony is working to combine its online services across several of its best selling products, with more consumers looking to interact in the cloud.  There are very few companies as large as Sony, so it has a unique opportunity to provide content from a person’s phone, PS3, TV, notebook, PC, alarm clock and other devices.

It wasn’t long ago Microsoft said its popular Xbox Live service will be supported by upcoming Windows Mobile 7-powered phones (now named Windows Phone 7 Series).  On the other hand, Windows Phone 7 Series has seen numerous delays, which might hurt its adoption with consumers. Sony Ericsson has also struggled as phone provider as of late, so I’m not sure integrating these services will mean much in the long run, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

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