Sony introduces PlayStation3 Slim

Sony officially confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 3 Slim, the company’s newest entry into its growing PS3 lineup.

The PS3 Slim, outed by Sony’s Kaz Hirai, will launch on Sept. 1, and will be a welcome sign as the company speeds towards the 2009 holiday shopping season.  The official announcement came during the GamesCom conference in Germany, though there have been numerous rumblings the past few days that a Sony announcement would be coming soon.

Sony refused to comment on the PS3 Slim’s development for months — even though more and more signs pointed towards its existence — though gamers anxiously waited for official confirmation.

Sony_PS3.480When compared to the current PS3, the PS3 Slim is said to be 32 percent smaller, 30 percent lighter and uses 34 percent less power.  An online Kmart ad indicates the PS3 Slim will be available for $299.99 — with a 120GB HDD and DualShock 3 controller — but Sony hasn’t confirmed the price of its newest PS3 unit yet.

Despite having superior hardware and built-in Blu-ray, the PS3 has continually trailed the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles, though price cuts and exclusive video game launches helped increase sales at various points.

Are you interested in purchasing the 120GB PS3 Slim for $299, or are you waiting for an Xbox 360 or Wii price cut before Christmas?