Sony reportedly working on Playstation 4.5 with 4K support

Sony is reportedly working on a Playstation 4 with more powerful hardware that is internally known as Playstation 4.5. The new console should make it possible to playback 4K resolution thanks to increased graphical power.


Plans for the improved version of the Playstation 4 have not been officially announced, but Kotaku reports that Sony has informed several game developers about the new console. A Sony spokesman refused to respond to the rumors.

The new Playstation 4.5 will allegedly also perform better when playing Virtual Reality (VR) games. This means the hardware fits well with the Playstation VR that is scheduled for October. Especially a better performing GPU would make it more competitive with other VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


It’s unclear whether current Playstation 4 owners can upgrade their computer or whether they need to purchase a new device. Also a possible price or release date is unknown.

Earlier this year also Xbox head Phil Spencer hinted that the Xbox One would get upgrade which would make it possible to upgrade the console like a desktop computer. Sony could follow a similar strategy with the Playstation 4.5.