Sony shows off PS3 Move motion controller

During the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, Sony finally unveiled its answer to the popular Nintendo Wii-mote, introducing the PlayStation Move motion controller.

The Move is a handheld controller slightly smaller than a microphone, and gives gamers the ability to use motion controls when playing.  Move will also ship a sub-controller that can be used for select video games.

Sony was expected to release Move this spring, but decided to delay the launch until fall.

Move will have 20 compatible game title releases in 2010, and it can be used with current PS3 game consoles and video games.

Sony shows off PS3 Move motion controller

Sony said it designed the new motion controller for use among casual and hardcore gamers alike, and will excel in games that involve swords, guns, punching, bows and arrows, and other in-game scenarios.  The company demonstrated how it could be use in casual gaming, with the controller used as a paint brush, fan, tennis racket and pointer able to interact with objects on the screen.

The controller was first discussed during E3 last year, but some gamers were skeptical Sony would be able to do anything more than try to mimic the Wii-mote.

Both Microsoft and Sony have shown interest in replicating the features of Nintendo’s Wii-mote — with Microsoft’s Project Natal system receiving praise from Xbox 360 gamers.  Sony will offer the Move in a starter kit bundle this fall, including a PlayStation eye camera and a video game, all for less than $100.

Move will also be included in upcoming PS3 bundles in the future, but pricing and release details are not yet available.