Sony’s new ad mocks Wii, Xbox 360

A week after publicly unveiling its PlayStation 3 Move motion controller at the Game Developer Conference (GDC), Sony has launched a new ad attacking the Nintendo Wii game console.

Similar to its PlayStation 3 commercial campaign, mock “Sony Executive Kevin Butler” shows several gamers using the PlayStation Move controller as they use a few different genres. Also in the commercial, the actor describes why the new Move controller is better than the popular Wii-mote.

Sony's new ad mocks Wii, Xbox 360

Sony has been able to build a more appealing game catalog – while introducing new PlayStation Network features – with consumers finally paying attention. A PS3 price cut also helped the console to better compete with the Xbox 360 and Wii.

The Move controller looks to capture the basics of the Wii-mote, but it also aims to revolutionize motion controls by allowing users to swing at an opponent in a more realistic manner.

The PS3 trailed the Wii and Xbox 360 for months on the sales charts, but is finally creeping back. The expected release of Move may actually lead to continued shortages at GameStop, which also has had a difficult time keeping Wii units in stock.

Although the Wii-mote was a smash hit when first released on the market, gamers and analysts expected a bright future for similar motion controller technology.

The ads attacking Sony’s rivals isn’t too surprising since many consumers still think of the PS3 as the console that struggled against the Wii — this is Sony’s latest attempt to convince gamers that it is for real. Sony also is using the commercials to confirm the anticipated November release date for Move — the Japanese electronics company previously said it will be available sometime this fall.

The Microsoft Project Natal is expected for release this fall as well, so all three major game consoles will finally have a motion controller platform.