Sony’s PS5 to Feature Immersive Sound with 3D Audio

Sony’s next-generation gaming console the PlayStation 5 (PS5) will incorporate immersive sound dubbed ‘3D audio’ said TechRadar. This new sound technology is said to be Sony’s gaming version of the film industry’s Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive sound.

In past interviews, Sony’s lead architect for the PS5 Mark Cerny said that 3D audio will “make [users] feel more immersed in the game.” This is because the tech creates the perception that sounds come from all directions.

Cerny also noted that no external equipment would be needed to use this to activate this tech. According to the report, this feature is incorporated into the console itself as it is part of the AMD Ryzen chipset that would be used by the PS5.

Sony’s PS5 to Feature Immersive Sound

TechRadar noted that gamers could benefit from this new technology, especially in creating an environment that sounds realistic. Moreover, the article said that the 3D audio could offer “more accurate cues and clues” as gamers play. This is expected to be advantageous in games with battle royale formats such as Fortnite even without purchasing surround sound equipment.


According to Cerny, part of the reason this feature was included in the PlayStation 5 is that there was minimal difference in the sound between PlayStations 3 and 4. With 3D audio, Sony aims to show users “how dramatically different the audio experience can be” when used with significantly powerful hardware.

Gaming Version of the Dolby Atmos

While this technology is a significant development in the world of gaming, Microsoft has beaten Sony in implementing a surround sound feature in its console Xbox One X. In fact, Microsoft’s console is equipped with an upmixing function which can reproduce a similar effect as the Dolby Atmos for films.

Meanwhile, the article noted that Sony has a Doby Atmos-enabled equipment which is guaranteed to create the signature Dolby sound. However, Cerny noted that headphones could offer the “gold standard” for immersive sound.

The PlayStation 5 is anticipated to be released in March 2020. TechRadar anticipates that the PS5 will allow upmixing to allow players to utilize the 3D audio offered by the console. It is reportedly backward compatible allowing users to play games from previous generations of the console. This can mean that gamers would be able to play games from past generations with more immersive sounds.


Nevertheless, further details from Sony is still needed to confirm the audio features of the PS5.