Sophos Reveals Development of 4 AI Solutions

Cybersecurity company Sophos recently announced that it is developing four new artificial intelligence-powered solutions, according to the company’s press release posted on its website. It seeks to strengthen the AI industry’s cybersecurity.

SophosAI seeks to protect the industry using various tools, databases, and methodologies built to further develop ways to increase security through collaboration and cumulative innovation.

The four new developments are expected to help the company achieve its key objective, which is to “open its data science breakthroughs and make the use of AI in cybersecurity more transparent, all with the aim of better-protecting organizations against all forms of cybercrime.”

Sophos Development of AI Solutions

The SOREL-20M, Impersonation Protection, an epidemiology-inspired model for detecting malware, and the YaraML, an automatic signature generation tool.

According to the press release, the developments became necessary because of the cybersecurity’s lack of shared AI methodologies. The company said that this has muddled the understanding of the technology’s ability to protect organizations from attacks.

SophosAI data scientists are seeking to change how the industry does things, especially with regard to openness. It aims to make IT managers, security analysts, CEOs, CFOs, and other personnel work better together in order to make the right management and security decision.

Sophos chief of technology Joe Levy is optimistic about the impact of these two techs in the cybersecurity world. He said, “With SophosAI’s new initiative to open its research, we can help influence how AI is positioned and discussed in cybersecurity moving forward.”

He added, “Today’s cacophony of opaque or guarded claims about the capabilities or efficacy of AI in solutions makes it difficult to impossible to future progress at the very moment we’re starting to see great breakthroughs.”

Levy believes that Sophos’ developments can correct these issues much faster than relying on standards or regulation. With external mechanisms such as the company’s techs, the industry becomes self-policing and paves the way toward an advanced, open, and transparent one.

The four key areas that the company focused on are all geared security threats, which utilizes the existence of cybersecurity risks as a stimulant to innovate and discover new ways to address the problem.

Aside from the four offerings, the company also offers AI-powered and cloud-native services, as per MSSP Alert. Allowing organizations to secure their networks and systems against malware, ransomware, and other similar risks.

Its Rapid Response and solutions for MSSPs and MSPs can be integrated into other services they offer.