Spartan, Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 browser, to support Chrome extensions

The Spartan browser Microsoft is rumored to work on, will likely support Chrome extensions. By supporting Chrome extensions Microsoft provides users with a large collection of extensions and developers have the benefit that their extensions will run on multiple platforms.


The rumors ared based on some lines of code in Windows 10 that Twitter user h0x0d discovered. In the code Chrome is referenced several times by Microsoft developers. It’s easy for the Microsoft developers to find out how Chrome extensions work, as Google’s browser is largely based on the open source browser Chromium.

It’s unsure whether Microsoft will support actual Chrome extensions, or that developers will have to make small changes in order to make them run on Spartan. The goal of Microsoft appears to be making it easy for developers to write Spartan extensions, so they don’t have to learn a new platform. This way Microsoft will also be able to offer its users a large amount of extensions quickly.


Tomorrow Microsoft will reveal more information on Windows 10 for consumers, it’s expected the company will then also provide more details on the Spartan browser.

Update: The rumor might be wrong,  according to Google Plus user Daniel Bentley the posted code is nothing more or less than Greasemonkey support for the Spartan browser. He concludes that based on the fact that the code posted by h0x0d is GreaseMonkey formatted JavaScript.

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