Spotify announces free streaming service to mobile devices

Spotify today announced a mobile version of its music streaming service called Spotify Shuffle. Besides that, Android and iOS tablets get access to the regular freemium version of the music service.



Spotify Shuffle is comparable to services like Pandora and iTunes Radio.  These services offer free music streaming of stations and don’t allow playback of individual songs.  Like regular radio stations, most services play advertisements when you’re not a paid subscriber.  According to Spotify, their Shuffle service should give users more control over the playlist of the radio station. With the service it’s possible to play music of a single artist , album or playlist.

Shuffle is free and will be available on Android and iOS phones. The free version has limited search options and will play advertisements in between tracks. The company also announced that tablet users can now access the regular Spotify streaming service which is also supported by advertisements like the desktop version.

Music streaming is on the rise and Spotify announced it wants to become available in more countries. Currently the service is available in 35 countries, it hopes to expand to another 20. The majority of that growth should be in countries in South America. Currently the company claims to have 24 million users of which 6 million are paid subscribers.