Spotify makes free accounts more attractive with new mobile app

Posted 24 April 2018 23:54 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Spotify has revealed a revamped mobile app for free users. The app offers a new interface for unpaid accounts and allows non-premium users to access all tracks in fifteen playlists without shuffling. After the change, free users can click on any track within the fifteen playlists to playback that song immediately.

Only paid subscribers can play all music without shuffling. For free users it’s also possible to play music that’s not on any of the fifteen playlists, but then the shuffle modus will be activated. The new app will ask users who their favorite artists are, based on that the free playlists are generated.

Spotify has been struggling with free users for some time already. In 2011 the company started to introduce limitations to unpaid accounts. Before that, unpaid account had the same features as paid accounts but were ad-supported. One of the limitations was that free users could listen only 10 hours of music, with the introduction of the new app, this is raised to 40 hours.

Recently, Spotify reported that two million users circumvented the limitations of the free Spotify version. The new app is gradually distributed as an update to the mobile app.

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