Spotify update fixes bug that could shorten SSD lifetime

A bug in the client of the popular music streaming service Spotify caused it to write so much data that it could shorten the lifetime of SSDs. According to tests performed by several Spotify users the client wrote up to 10GB per hour to the SSD.


Even without actually listening to music the client wrote large amounts of data. It’s still unclear what caused the issue but it has likely something to do with caching.

Spotify has released an update that fixes the bug, users that want to make sure Spotify doesn’t harm their SSD should update to version 1.0.42.

Recently we also reported that Firefox and Chrome could harm the endurance of SSDs. This was caused by the fact that browsers continuously make a backup of themselves which involves a lot of writing of data. Because SSDs are specified to endure a certain number of reads and writes, a large amount of writes can shorten the lifetime of the drive.