SSD & RAM caching software MaxVeloSSD released – 7.2GB/s seq writes

Our friends from Elitebytes informed us about the release of MaxVeloSSD, software that is able to cache frequently used data in both RAM and on a SSD.  For computers there’s currently three kind of memory available.

The fast, expensive and volatile RAM,  less fast and less expensive SSDs and relative cheap but slow HDDs. By having data available in the fastest memory the computer gets more responsive and data is quicker available. This is exactly what MaxVeloSSD is able to do.


The software first tries to use allocated system’s RAM to use as a cache, if this is not / no longer available, it will start using the SSD as cache and when that can be no longer used data will be stored on the HDD.


A video posted by Elitebytes shows how a system running MaxVeloSSD is able to achieve 6.2GB/s sequential reads and 7.2GB/s sequential writes. Random reads achieved are 450K IOPS and the video shows random writes of 200k IOPS. Our forum administrator alan1476 also tested the software and found similar results (see image above).

MaxVeloSSD works on all Windows versions from XP to Windows 8.1 and also on Windows Server 2012. The software can be used together with RAID, Fibre Channel, LUN, SAN, iSCSI, UEFI and Safe Boot volumes without any limit in capacity. Also any SSD can be used, including SATA, mSATA, PCIe and DIMM SSDs.

Also without a SSD the software is able to considerably speed up the system as it still can use the system’s RAM.

Elitebytes stresses the software has been thoroughly tested and due to the nature of how it works will never cause any loss of data.

MaxVeloSSD is available in 4 Editions starting at  $14.99 | Discuss this software in our VeloSSD Forum.