SSD prices increase 9% compared to December last year

Prices of SSDs in the “Myce SSD Price Index” have increased with more than 9% compared to December 2014. The price per GB of one SSD increased with more than 60%. The largest price drop we’ve listed is nearly 10%. The data is compiled using Amazon of which we used today’s pricing of new drives.

It’s unclear why prices went up this month, especially because our index contains some relatively “old” drives. It’s possible that December prices were down because SSD brands lowered their prices for the holiday season. Especially the Seagate 600 480GB, Samsung 840 Pro 128GB and Toshiba Q Series Pro 256GB drives stand out, their prices have increased heavily. The Samsung 840 EVO is still amongst the lower priced drives, but the 1TB model gained 25% in price.

The drive with the lowest Price per GB is the Kingston SSDNow 480GB with $0.37. In December 2014 the lowest priced SSD was the Samsung 840 EVO 1TB at $0.35 per GB.

We wondered if our index currently contains too many outdated drives which might become more expensive as they become more scarce. Therefor we’ve compiled an additional overview with the cheapest SSDs per “capacity category” on Amazon. Although the cheapest drive in that list is slightly cheaper than the cheapest drive in December 2014, it seems the price drop of almost 20% from December was likely season based. We can certainly conclude the downward trend in SSD prices between August and December 2014 hasn’t continued.


Nevertheless, we published our first “Myce SSD Price Index” in March 2014. Back then the cheapest drive of our list was the Crucial M500 960GB at $0.47 per GB. This month the cheapest drive is the Kingston SSDNow 480GB at $0.37. In one year the lowest priced SSD in our index saw a decrease of 21%. Below an overview image of all Myce SSD Price Indices we’re released so far.