SSD vendors provide reliable performance specifcations

Data compiled by Myce shows SSD vendors provide honest performance specifications. Hardly any of the vendor specified performance indicators showed big differences with the results we measured during our reviews. We compared the specifications provided for the OCZ Vector 150, Corsair LS, Samsung 840 EVO, Crucial M500 and Plextor M5 Pro.



Specifications were compiled from the package of the drive or the website of the vendor. The achieved numbers were extracted from our reviews. Where possible we used the numbers of the same benchmarking software. Not all vendors specify the sequential read and write speeds, and random read and write speeds measured in Input / Output Operations per Second (IOPS).

The conclusion is simple, the specifications SSD vendor provide are reliable. On some occasions we actually measured higher numbers than the vendors provided.

It’s common for hardware manufacturers to use optimum configurations to measure the performance of their products. The optimum performance and the resulting specifications might never be seen by end users. The numbers provided  by the SSD vendors do not seem  be optimized in such a way that it’s impossible for home users to achieve them too. Actual performance can differ per system and is dependent on other hardware in the system.