Stellar claims breakthrough in SSD data recovery

The Dutch company Stellar Data Recovery claims a breakthrough in recovering data from SSDs. The company, the only ISO certified data recovery software and service company in the world,  claims it observed and analyzed the technology of a wide range of SSDs. According to the company the results of all that research, done by Dutch and Indian engineers, enables them to recover data of SSDs “pretty good”.


Recovery of data on Solid State Disks (SSDs) is mainly an issue because SSDs store data fragmented on its NAND chips. The SSD controller decides where the data is written on the chips and is able to find the data when the SSD wants to read it back . On their site Stellar writes that with a damaged SSD controller it will be hard to get the fragmented data puzzled together. However the company is able to bypass controller algorithms and can therefore recover the data on the drives pretty good.

Unfortunately the company hasn’t disclosed many more details which makes it hard to understand how big and how valid the breakthrough actually is. On its website the company states it has more than 2 million clients but the SSD recovery service seems to be mainly targeted at enterprises.